This is a minor one, but I just realized that it had happened and wanted to post about it. I have one of these belts, and I got it in a 40″, thinking that would be plenty big enough for me with a pant size in the 36-38″ range. Unfortunately for me, the belt is actually 40″ long and the waistband of pants that say 36″ are not actually 36″. Anyway. So when I got this belt, the last hole on it was the most comfortable. It was that way for a long time. I could squeeze it down to the second hole, depending on how high or low my pants ride on my hips.

I had gotten to the point recently where the last hole was getting towards the tight side of comfortable. Putting on the belt and hooking to the last hole had just become a habit. Not even something I thought about. But today, after noticing that the belt was looking a little loose, I tried the second hole. it fits quite comfortably now, even when I’m sitting down. One of the goals I’d been meaning to post on my goals entry was that i want to be able to wear this belt on the middle hole, comfortably. I’m not quite there, but I’m getting very close. It’s just a little too tight to be comfortable while I’m sitting down, but I’m thinking another week or so may well get me there.

Anyway, I’m excited. Thought I’d share. Woot!


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