Midday – Day 11

Lunch was more chicken and onions with peppers. Still super tasty and filling.

I had been wondering something, and was going to submit it as a question to Robb Wolf’s podcast, but then just happened to stumble upon this site, and it answered for me. Here’s what was confusing me. Robb kept saying to eat lean meats and supplement your fats with coconut oil and such. That didn’t make sense to me. Coconut oil is good, but wouldn’t animal fat from grassfed animals be even better?

Here’s what the paleo 101 article says: Preferably choose pasture-raised and grass-fed meat coming from a local, environmentally conscious farms. If not possible, choose lean cuts of meat and supplement your fat with coconut oil, butter or clarified butter. Also preferably choose organic, local and/or seasonal fruits and vegetables.

So that’s what it’s about. The fat content in grainfed meats is higher in Omega 6, which you’re trying to avoid in order to get into a better ratio. The fat in grassfed, pastured meats is much more on the Omega 3 side of things, so it’s okay. I kept wondering what the point was in finding grassfed meat sources if we were just going to eat only lean cuts anyway. If it were strictly about the calories, why supplement with other fats? So anyway, really glad to finally have that answered. Back to my delicious, fatty, grassfed beef.


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