Evening – Day 11

We had a bit of a convenience meal this evening. We got two tubs from Costco, and our entire meal was cooked in the microwave. Definitely not the norm recently, but it was actually pretty good. I had some pot roast, a very small amount of mashed potatoes and a ton of broccoli. The pot roast had a little sugar in it somewhere, but it’s like one gram per serving or something. The mashed potatoes were obviously very starchy, but for pre-made food they had a surprisingly simple ingredient list. Potatoes, milk, butter, salt and “seasoning” was about it. Obviously not the best, and certainly not super paleo, but it was tasty and the wife was craving it.  The broccoli, however, was by far my most exciting portion.

I got a giant 5+ pound bag of broccoli from Costco last week and have been trying to eat it raw, sautee it, etc. So far my results have been okay, but not spectacular. Last night, however, I remembered our zip-loc (using as the generic term, I think they’re actually made by Glad) steam bags. I have to say: Big Win! 3-4 minutes in the microwave, with no added water or dirtying any dishes or anything. Pull it out, drop in some pastured butter, and while you dish everything else up, the butter melts. Shake the bag to distribute evenly, and voila. Delicious veggies with almost zero effort. Same thing works with frozen mixes and whatnot. I’m sure there’s some kind of non-specific infrastructure method of achieving the same result, but I don’t know what it is, and these things are pretty cheap. When we finally run out of those bags (we have like half a dozen boxes, somehow) I’ll look into something else, but for now they’re amazing. Highly recommended.

So there you go. Pretty easy, right? Can’t complain about simple, tasty dinner. It would be nice if the beef were grassfed, but that would be really hard to find. I’ll start looking, but it’s really rare to see grassfed beef in prepared foods, from what I’ve seen. Doesn’t mean it isn’t out there, just means I’ll have to start digging.

Also, I went over to the Webber’s house and tried their Tanita body fat measuring scale. It read me at 22.7% body fat and 240+ pounds, which I think is a little high. I was wearing heavy clothing and kinda had to use the bathroom (#3) so I can attribute a little bit of being off to those factors, for sure. I am also comfortable with the idea that my single-site, self-measured pinch tests may be underestimating my fat. So somewhere between 18 and 23% is probably my actual bodyfat. Could it be 20-21%? It’s certainly possible. That still seems high, just based on how I feel compared to how I felt at that level when the trainer was measuring me. I’m thinking that, in reality, I’m probably in the 19-20% range, maybe. Can’t say for sure, but when the heavy duty calipers and the handheld scanner thing come in, we’ll end up with a whole mess of data we can start crunching. I’m still going to try to compare like to like and use them to track trends instead of using any one of them as a definitive measure of actual body fat. It’s tough not to do the math and get excited about the pounds dropping, but I’ll try to maintain a semi-objective view of my numbers, at least.


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