Evening – Day 10

Tonight for dinner, we tried something new. We had fabricated some whole chickens with the Webbers a while back, and they were nice enough to let us use their super-awesome vacu-packer. We ended up with three packs of breasts, three of legs and thighs, one big one of wings and one big one of tenderloins. We haven’t actually used any of it, though, and it’s all been sitting in the freezer since June, just waiting to be eaten. Since I’m actually cooking meat at home pretty regularly now, I tossed some into the fridge to thaw the other day.

But what to do with them? Certainly I could grill it. It was cold and snowy, though, so I didn’t want to man the grill for just one evening worth of food. What I decided to do was to sprinkle some seasoning on them and put them in the oven. It’s kinda stupid simple, but they came out amazingly well. Here’s what I did, so I can remember, and so you can try it yourself, if the mood should strike.

  • Two chicken thighs and two legs, thawed
  • A light sprinkle of Lawry’s seasoned salt (yes, this has a bunch of non-paleo stuff in it, but there’s not enough volume for it to bother me)
  • A light sprinkle of hickory seasoning (same thing)

Put the chicken in a Pyrex dish, sprinkle with seasoning on both sides, and put into the oven at 350º.

Wait maybe 10-15 minutes (you want some browning and bubbling) and then turn the chicken over. Cook another 5-10 minutes or until it all looks pretty well done (my wife was the one who actually did the cooking portion, so I’m not much help on the times we used) then pull out of the oven and cover with foil. Allow to rest 5-10 minutes. Consume.

That’s seriously it. I probably could have gotten similarly delicious results with some paleo-friendly seasonings, but I seriously used maybe 1/2 tsp of each one total. That much salt, sugar and corn starch isn’t going to kill me, by any means. And it was so freaking good. Seriously. Juicy and delicious. Jenna and I were both very surprised and pleased with how delicious it was with so little prep time. I think a lo of it had to do with the pieces we used, since they seemed ideally suited to that cooking method. I’m just seeing us buying, fabricating and freezing tons of tiny chickens now so we can find a few simple recipes we like (like this one) and make this stuff for dinner on a more regular basis.

Anyway, that’s a great big post just to say we had delicious chicken for dinner. We both ate one leg and one thigh, and we both had great big bowls of spinach as well. I also tossed a half dozen baby carrots into mine just to mix it up a little. The vinaigrette I’ve been using is still a decent option, but vinaigrettes have never really been my bag. I’m going to have to spend some quality time figuring out new dressings.


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