Morning – Day 10

Did a full measurement run this morning. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Weight: 236.6 lbs
  • Body Fat %: 18.1%
  • Lean Body Mass: 193.8
  • Fat Mass: 42.8
  • Fat Loss: 7.4
  • Waist: 39.0
  • Hips: 44.25
  • WHR: .881
  • BMI: 29.57
  • BAI: 25.1

Okay, so I busted out a bunch of new numbers. What do they mean? Weight is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve lost a total of 8.6 pounds in 9 days. My measured body fat has gone down from 19% to 18.1% in 5 days, and down from an estimated 20.5% in 9 days. My lean mass has dropped between half a pound to a full pound, depending on the estimates. I’ve also been about 2-3 weeks without any real exercise, so I’m not super surprised. Of my weight loss, about 6.5-7 pounds has been fat, as near as I can tell. I would guess that at least a pound or two was pure water weight as well. I’ve also lost an inch off my waist in 5 days, which brought my Waist-to-Hip ratio down by a fair margin. My BMI is still very high in the “overweight” category, borderline obese. BAI, which is supposed to be an estimate of body fat % based on hips and height, is showing me way higher than I believe I am by any stretch. Anyway, I’ve gone and geeked out on my spreadsheet, so I figured I might as well include any number I could calculate from the values I already had.

So what does all this mean? Well I’m 10 days into this gig, basically one third of the way through my trial. I keep calling it a trial, but I can’t really imagine going back to the way I ate before. I’ve learned too much and seen results happen too quickly to pretend it doesn’t mean anything.

Here’s a good example of why I don’t think even a healthy SAD will work for me. From March to June of this year, I spent two nights a week in the gym with a trainer. I ate a balanced diet of 50/25/25 calories from carbs/protein/fat. I calculated my daily total calories to be at a consistent deficit. I spent hours designing, building and maintaining a calorie counter. It was fun because I’m an insufferable nerd about that stuff, but it took a lot of time, and I found myself eating things I didn’t want to eat when I wasn’t hungry just to try to achieve my macronutrient ratios. I worked out at least 2 nights a week for an hour, and tried to add extra exercise as much as I could. I was pretty good about my diet, but not perfect. What did it get me? I started out at 245 with 22.4% body fat and ended up at 235 with about 15.3% body fat. Here are my results for 12 weeks:

  • Weight: 245-235 (-10 lbs)
  • Body fat %: 22.4 – 15.3 (-7.1%)
  • Lean Mass: 190.12 – 199.045 (+8.925 lbs)
  • Fat Mass: 54.88 – 35.96 (-18.925 lbs)

That’s pretty impressive. It took me about three months of eating like Templeton from Charlotte’s Web to get back to this:

  • Weight: 245
  • Body Fat %: 20.5
  • Lean Mass: 194.9
  • Fat Mass: 50.3

Also impressive, albeit in a much sadder, chubbier way. So we know that exercise, caloric restriction, and food tracking can do the job.  But what does a paleo diet with no exercise do in 9 days?

  • Weight: 245- 236.6 (-8.6 lbs)
  • Body Fat %: 20.5 – 18.1 (-2.4 %)
  • Lean Mass: 194.9 – 193.8 (-1.1 lbs)
  • Fat Mass: 50.3 – 42.8 (-7.4 lbs)

I’m definitely going the wrong direction on lean mass, but I think that’s a function of my lack of exercise. Let’s go strictly based on fat loss per day and see where that gets us.

  • Fat Loss/day w/ Controlled Diet: 18.93/90 = .21 lbs/day
  • Fat Loss/Day w/ Paleo Diet: 7.4/9 = .82 lbs/day

That’s almost four times faster. Without exercise. What the hell? I know I’m eating plenty of food. I’m never hungry, really. I eat until I feel uncomfortably full at least a few times a week. I’m eating fatty cuts of meat, eggs, nuts and most of my veggies are bathed in butter or coconut oil. I’m eating way more fat than I was, and I’m enjoying the food so much more. It’s downright easy to make paleo food. There are some foods I love that I’m not eating anymore, but I’m not missing them, really. Instead of eating a cookie or a handful of candy and then doing a bunch of math to figure out how many healthy carbs I wasn’t allowed to eat that day to keep my balances right, I’m just not eating any. When I was eating grain and sugar, I craved grain and sugar. Now that I’m not eating them, I don’t crave them.

So anyway, that’s a math-heavy post for you nerds out there. I’m going to keep tracking all that jazz just because my spreadsheet is far too simple and readable just yet. Let me know if you have questions or comments. Thanks for reading!


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