Midday – Day 10

Spent a lot of my morning doing math, thinking about body fat calculators (which should more properly be called estimators) and whatnot. It was fun, for sure. What it really comes down to is that none of the methods are ideal. The more convenient and inexpensive they are, the less reliable they tend to be. The best balance appears to be a self-tested caliper measurement or a very consistent usage of the bioelectrical systems. Neither is perfect, but anything else requires a trained tester, a trip to a university, x-ray exposure or dissection. None of those are good on a daily basis. So I’ll keep with my one-site testing, get some 3-site testing when possible, and maybe invest in an electrical system. We’ll just have to see. I’m kind of a geek, as you may have noticed, so I like having data to crunch and futz with. Looking in the mirror is satisfying on one level, but woefully subjective.

So anyway, what’s for lunch? I had some cashews, some almonds (trying to mix up my nuts) and some of the chicken/onions/peppers mixture that nearly sent my poor wife running into the night. My coworkers didn’t complain, so I’m assuming it was less potent when reheated than when cooked. It was also really freaking tasty. Relatively lean as my meals go, with a lot more lean protein and vegetables than fat. Still, super tasty and satisfying.

Tonight, I’ll have to eat something really fatty and disgusting to make up for it.


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