Body Fat Calculation

So I’ve been using a single-site body fat caliper to measure my skinfolds, which isn’t the best option. I should be doing a 3-site measure, and ideally I should be having someone else do my measurements for me. Not sure if the wife will be on board with that, so I’ll do the best I can. Anyway, the first step is finding a calculator that deals with three sites instead of just one. I found this article, and it seems to be the only one that actually gives me a formula instead of just calculating for me. I like to do my own calculations, thankyouverymuch.

I’m also thinking about investing in a bioelectrical impedance system. If you can use it when you have consistent hydration, they seem like a good way to go. They’re fast, and it seems like they’re accurate as long as you’re consistent. For $20-some, it’s probably worth a try. This is the one I’m thinking about. People seem to really like it.

I found an article where a guy did an actual review based on the Omron vs some calipers. Mostly what I’ve found online is either noobs saying “It’s so great because it has NUMBERS on it, tee hee!” and hardcore gym rats who think that anything that isn’t made of cast iron is to be distrusted as a matter of course. So maybe it’s a viable option? Probably more accurate than a single-site self test with calipers, at least?

So anyway, the single-site measure is obviously not the best, but it’s the one I’ve been doing to this point. I’ll continue with it just so I’m comparing apples to apples, but I’ll add some multi-site measuring and maybe some bioelectrical and try to get a decent baseline from those as well. It all just makes me wish i had a Bod Pod in my basement so I could get hydrostatic weighing every morning and know for sure what’s going on. Until construction is finished, however, I’ll just have to keep muddling through with my estimates.


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