Morning – Day 9

Weighed in this morning at 237.5 pounds. That’s closing in on 8 pounds. I think I’m averaging about half a pound per day now, so if the trend continues for the remainder of my 30-day stretch, I’ll end up pretty darned close to 225 pounds. That’s definitely heartening. Since my urination and hydration have leveled out significantly as compared to the first few days, I don’t think I’m losing water weight as a majority of my total anymore. I think it must be mostly fat now. So, based on estimated numbers, here’s what I’m seeing right now:

Numbers in red are estimates or are based on estimates. I’m assuming that my lean mass has stayed more or less constant until I get a chance to do another pinch test on myself. I’m thinking tomorrow morning will be a good time for one. I’d like to start doing those a couple times a week if I can remember in the morning. Anyway, you can see my BMI, my body fat %, my lean mass, etc. So anyway, this is the “geek” portion of the paleo geek blog. I do love me some spreadsheets.

Breakfast this morning was a spinach and carrot salad with boiled eggs and some Bragg vinaigrette. I also dropped a fatty piece of natural pork into the slow cooker, so I’m hoping that will make for a good protein choice at dinner tonight. I’ve got a ton of veggies that I need to start cooking or something, too. I’m thinking I might sautée some purple cauliflower to go with the pork. Should be super tasty!


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