Midday – Day 9

Who turned on the deliciousness in my walnuts? Walnuts have long been one of my least favorite nuts. Partially because they always tasted a little bitter to me, and partially because they gave me a slight oral allergy reaction. I would eat them sparingly, if at all. So what changed? I have no idea. But I grabbed a couple of them from the container on my desk (I also have almonds and pistachios, usually, and those go much more quickly) and they are freaking tasty. The itchy mouth reaction is gone. The bitter taste is gone. They’re just plain good. What gives? I wish I knew. It could be that my Omega 3/Omega 6 balance is getting closer to the good range, and therefore my body isn’t running quite so rampant with pro-inflammatory fatty acids. That would be awesome, because that’s one of the things that’s supposed to be happening. If that is what’s happening, that means I’m not completely screwing this up.

Anyway, lunch today is some walnuts, almonds, carrots, and more of that brisket. I need to figure out some kind of a dip for my raw veggies, though. I can eat them alone, and have been doing so, but it’s definitely more of a chore than a joy. Just a little touch of extra flavor on them would amke everything better. I don’t want to cook every veggie I eat, either. I don’t put a ton of stock in all the ideas behind the raw food diet, but I recognize that there are some nutrients that are damaged by heat, and I don’t want to completely miss out on them. So anyway, I’m thinking that I need to find myself some sort of dip. Maybe an herb-aioli or something? No idea, but I will find one.

Also, just found this site while I was tooling around: Archevore He has some interesting ideas about things as well, and he’s not too far removed from paleo. I’m going to keep reading and see if I can pick up any cool new tidbits or anything.


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