Evening – Day 8

Dinner was sort of slapdash tonight. I melted some butter in a pan, cut up an onion and threw it in there. Cut up some baby bell peppers and threw them in there. Got sort of confused about what I was even attempting to do, and decided to throw some grilled chicken breast strips into the mix. It actually ended up being pretty good, but my poor wife wasn’t a fan of the smell. It was a lot of onions, for sure. I’m thinking I’ll probably have to figure that one out a little more and get a better balance. Oh well. Live and learn, eh?

Still listening to the Paleo Solution podcast and really enjoying it. They’re answering a ton of my questions, which is awesome. I’m feeling like I’m starting to have a decent handle on not just what to eat, but why. Robb really just knows his stuff on all of it, and learning the science is fascinating to me. I’m feeling like I’m quickly approaching the point where if someone says “Why do you do such and such?” I’ll have a broad and deep enough base of knowledge to explain it to them in a reasonable way. I don’t know enough biology to really delve into it, but I can at least get past “Because the book says so.”


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