Morning – Day 8

Woot! One full week of paleo, and let’s see where I’m at. Looks like…238.0! That’s down 7.4 pounds in 7 days. Not too shabby at all. It’s very probably that a good chunk of that is water weight, but it’s almost certain that some of it is also fat. I’m feeling better this week, thought I’m still having some congestion, so I’m hesitant to really kick my butt with cardio or anything. I’ll see what I feel like, but I definitely want to get my butt moving so I make sure than I’m building or at least maintaining muscle.

Breakfast was the remaining burger patties, along with an apple. Something that I’m noticing is that I can feel fullness and hunger simultaneously. It’s weird, and I never actually paid attention to it previously. This morning, though, I ate one small burger patty and started feeling a little full. I ate the apple and was feeling full in my stomach but my brain was still wanting me to eat. Weird feeling. I think I’ve trained myself so much to eat until I’m uncomfortable, my brain doesn’t actually register the fullness of my stomach as an indicator to stop sending “keep eating” signals. I’m learning so much more about my body and how it responds to what I feed it. It’s amazing to me just how much I was able to ignore before.

So after one week, I’ve lost over 7 pounds, gotten more in touch with how I work, and have learned so much more about nutrition from my reading and podcast listening. It’s a heck of a good way to go, I’m comfortable saying. I’m really looking forward to the results coming in the next few weeks!


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