Evening – Day 5

Sorry for the delay on these posts, guys. I’ve been really busy this weekend (which you’ll hear about) so I didn’t get a chance to knock out the entries.

On the evening of day 5, my wife and I went out to pick up some tile for our bathroom remodeling project, and ended up hitting a Whole Foods and Boston Market on the way home. Got a ton of quality organic, local produce from Whole Foods, and a tasty rotisserie chicken from BoMo. Ever since my friend Kristie (The Spiteful Chef) showed me how to fabricate a chicken (not how to build one from parts, more how to take a whole one and turn it into parts), whole rotisserie chickens are so much more viable as a food. I can take a hot chicken, some tongs, a big knife, and turn it into manageable servings in short order. Definitely a positive thing, since both Jenna and I love rotisserie chicken. So I had that and some steamed veggies as well. They were okay, but I think at that point in the evening they had been under the lights a little too long. The texture just wasn’t awesome. No big deal, though.

So that was Friday night. Our experience with the BoMo chicken has made me think that a Costco rotisserie chicken may by on the menu at least once a week. There’s a lot of food there for $5. Eventually, I’d love to get to where I know how to rotisserie my own organic/free range/pastured chickens, but I’m not there yet. They can also be really expensive (Like $20/chicken) so that’s prohibitive as well. What I’d love to do is to find them on sale and stock the freezer with a bunch. Then I can start to fabricating them on my own and hopefully save myself some money and still get good quality chickens. Good goal, for sure.


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