Day 7

Sunday was day 7 of eating like a human. Morning was a little more normal, so I had a couple of boiled eggs and some bacon. That is still an amazing combination. I think I’ll end up doing that at least 2-3 times per week. The calories are surprisingly low, the protein is surprisingly good, and it’s freaking delicious. Big wins all around.

Also, weighed in at 239.0 lbs in the AM. Still working my way down, quite quickly, really.

I was on the range all day again, and lunch ended up involving a trip to the local grocer from some turkey breast from the deli (the rotisserie chicken looked tastier, but had a lot more ingredients in the seasoning that made me wary), some organic baby carrots and some organic raspberries. I also ate another Larabar. Those things are seriously tasty. Everything was good. The turkey was a little dry, but turkey’s always a bit dry, so it wasn’t unexpected. I ended up eating about half a pound of carrots and a handful of berries.  It was a good lunch. It was nice to be able to eat things that were warm and cold, respectively, but I am definitely going to need to figure out a way to get a good meal that i can toss in a backpack and leave for a few days without worrying about it. Sounds like jerky, to me. I’ll get to work on finding/learning how to make paleo-friendly jerky.

Dinner was another restaurant with friends, this time Fleming’s steakhouse. Got a big, tasty steak and some asparagus, and also had some sauteed spinach from my wife’s plate. She didn’t care for it, and it wasn’t bad, so I ate the majority. I also had my first real cheat since starting. It was a relatively minor cheat, comparatively, but it was definitely not paleo. For dessert, we got an order of berries and cream, and it was delicious. Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, with a chantilly cream. Super tasty. It was heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla, I think. In any case, I enjoyed the heck out of it. Only had a small amount, though, compared to what I would have eaten before. Our friends got a chocolate lava cake, and I did steal a very tiny bit of the molten chocolate filling out of that. That was also very tasty.

I ate a great deal of food and was thoroughly stuffed by the end. Interestingly enough, though, even though I ate a bunch and even cheated a little, I didn’t have any stomach issues afterward. I think this is a big indicator that the quality of the food you eat has a significant effect. They were even the same cut of meat, one was just much, much higher quality and prepared much better. Fleming’s really knows how to make a steak.

So that’s day 7. Big success all around, I think.


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