Day 6

I’m doing all of Saturday in one fell swoop. I was at a shooting class all day, so I had to manage my first lunch away from a fridge and microwave. It took some doing, but it went well, I think.

Weighed in at 239.6 in the morning. Everything’s still going the right direction and at a solid and consistent pace. No complaints from me.

Ended up scrambling a bit and didn’t get to make myself a breakfast like I’d wanted. I hit up a grocery store and got some Larabars (which are very good) and a couple other goodies. I was hoping to find some pre-boiled eggs, but didn’t have any luck with it. I ate a couple of the bars for breakfast (not the ideal breakfast, but tolerable) and got on the range. I also picked up a package of roast beef lunch meat and an organic veggie tray that turned into lunch. Turns out roast beef wrapped around raw celery is pretty tolerable. I also ate another Larabar. They’re surprisingly tasty for being a two to three ingredient food bar. It’s dates and nuts and sometimes another fruit, but that’s it. Really simple, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, etc. If you’re looking for a handy snack that isn’t packed full of junk, they’re a great way to go.

That night, we went to dinner with some friends. It was my first time at a sit-down restaurant since starting this whole thing. We went to Cheddar’s, and I got a steak with broccoli and green beans. It was pretty good (not compared to my own steaks, which are superb) and the veggies were okay. Nothing amazing, though. I actually avoided eating all the other super tasty foods they had on the table, though. Honey butter croissants and tortilla chips with chili con queso and whatnot. We eat there pretty regularly and those are always some of my favorites. It was weird to be sitting there drinking water while everyone else worked on appetizers, but not too weird. I did think it was funny (and a little sad for me) that three people, without my help, only got about halfway through the appetizer that usually barely feeds us when I’m involved in the eating. How much food have I been stuffing into my gullet without even realizing it? Really makes you think.

That night, I felt pretty sick. Bad stomach cramping and gas and just a bunch of nastiness. Not sure if it was low-quality food that did it, or if I just overate, or if there was some gluten hidden somewhere in my meal. I’m leaning towards the low quality angle, based on my dinner last night. But you’ll hear about that in the next post. Thanks for reading!


2 comments on “Day 6

  1. Amanda says:

    It might have been a bit of a detox too. Fat cells store a lot of toxins and when you loose a lot of weight rapidly your body can rebel. Some people get nasty diarrhea and gas, some people get crazy cravings for toxic food, some people even get sick with the shakes and fever. I bet that might have been it more than the low quality food since it doesn’t sound like you had anything TOO bad.

    • Septimus says:

      A friend of mine mentioned that he had that happen to him. It seems too much of a coincidence that it would hit me fairly suddenly right after dinner and then be gone by the next morning, but I suppose it’s possible. I was thinking they could have snuck some gluten in there, but I don’t think I’ve been off of it for long enough to have a serious reaction like that just yet. I really don’t know. Could have been simple overeating or something, too. You just never quite know.

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