Morning – Day 5

Well, I done goofed. I forgot to weigh myself until after breakfast and a bunch of water. I weighed in at 240.4 lbs at that point, so I’m thinking maybe I’m under 240 now? No idea. But I’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

So what was breakfast? A hamburger patty and two strips of bacon. What about the nuts? I read this article, and a few others, and decided that I’m going to try to limit my nut intake to about a handful per day. That’s probably still high, but I’m a big guy. And when you take into account all the grain and hydrolized soy protein and whatever other labjunk food I was eating, even a handful of nuts per day is probably going to drop my levels significantly.

Unfortunately, this puts a big dent in my plan to coin the phrase “nuttier than a paleo dieter’s poo”. C’est la vie.


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