Morning – Day 4

Hopped on the scale this morning and it says 240.4 lbs. The weight loss is slowing down, which lends credence to the idea that a lot of the initial losses are water weight, but it is still moving decidedly in the right direction. I will be under 240 by the beginning of next week, of that I have no doubt. maybe under 235? We’ll see, but I’m not going to set myself up for disappointment. Losing five pounds in a week is awesome enough, I don’t need to freak out about it.

This morning, breakfast is some hard boiled eggs and some pistachios. Eventually i’m going to have to cook some scrambled or fried eggs just to break of the monotony, but boiled eggs are just so freaking handy.

Finally dug up a tape measure and took some measurements:

  • Waist – 40.0″
  • Hips – 44.25″
  • Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) – .904

Unfortunately, I didn’t measure earlier in the week, so I don’t know for sure whether that has changed. It feels like it has, though. I definitely feel less fat on my stomach when I touch it. I’m getting almost to the point where it feels like it did when I was working with the trainer. That took three months, hundreds of dollars, and hours of calculating calories, though. I’m certain that I’m missing out on many of the other benefits I got from that experience, but for sheer fat loss, this method is tough to beat.

According to my Accu-Measure fat calipers, I’m sitting somewhere just south of 20% body fat. They’re a single-site measure so they can’t get quite as precise, but that’s more or less what I’d expect. So here comes the math:

  • Weight – 240.4
  • Body Fat % – 19.0%
  • Lean Mass -194.7 lbs
  • Body Fat – 45.7 lbs

This is down from the original:

  • Weight – 245.4
  • Body Fat % – 21.0%
  • Lean Mass -193.9 lbs
  • Body Fat – 51.5 lbs

Unfortunately, I can’t say how accurate these numbers actually are, since I didn’t do a pinch test at the beginning. But I know where I am now, and I know what it feels like to be over 20% body fat, so I think I’m pretty close. Now that I have some firm numbers, I’m hoping future tests will be a better representation of reality. Anyway, looks like lean mass has stayed more or less stable (I don’t think I’ve actually put any on) since 20.5% and 21% would give me lean mass numbers that bracket what my current pinch test is telling me, and that’s a finer estimate than I feel qualified to make. Suffice it to say, lean mass is staying relatively the same, and fat is going down significantly.

I’m not going to call it Science! just yet, but things are definitely trending the right direction. I’ll keep you informed, as always.


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