Midday – Day 4

This morning taught me a few things. For one, eating hard boiled eggs with bacon is absolutely the only way to eat them, except for maybe deviled eggs. I have some thoughts on incorporating bacon into those, too. Also, it taught me that I have thoroughly screwed up my body with consistent overeating.

I was eating breakfast and realized that I was feeling something in my stomach. It has been so long since I felt it that I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought it was hunger, so I kept eating. What else do you feel in your stomach? I was having eggs, bacon and pistachios (breakfast of cavemen), and I’d finished the bacon and eggs and had started into the pistachios. The eggs and bacon are a great breakfast, even on their own. They get me to just under 200 calories, with plenty of fat and protein to get me feeling energized and ready to take on the day. The pistachios are also good, but I overdid them. I would’ve been happy with just a few (he says, wearing his hindsight glasses), but I ate a handful instead.

Part of what makes paleo work is that you get satiety signals much more easily from fats and proteins than from carbs, specifically grains. So you feel full after eating less than you otherwise would. UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN STUFFING YOURSELF FULL OF GRAIN FOR SO LONG YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT BEING FULL FEELS LIKE UNTIL YOU’RE UNCOMFORTABLY STUFFED!Sorry.  Being overfull of grain is a little unpleasant, but your body turns it into sugar so fast the feeling doesn’t last. Being overfull of meat and fat is really uncomfortable. Enough so that I’m now thinking “Wow, maybe one egg and one strip of bacon will be enough for tomorrow.” That’s crazy talk, btw. I’m a big dude. I eat a lot, generally speaking. One hamburger, hot dog, piece of pizza, etc? That does not cut it. Rather I should say did not, because now it appears that I can get comfortably full with much less food. I just need to relearn what comfortably full feels like. I think I’ll get there pretty quickly.

So anyway, that’s what’s up. For lunch I’m having a can of green beans and a burger patty from last night. Should be very tasty.


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