Evening – Day 3

This was the night where I finally had time to make my first proper paleo dinner. I grilled up some Snow Creek burgers (grassfed, flax finished), cooked some Niman Ranch bacon, and sauteed some onions in coconut oil for a burger topping. I also made some green beans and then put some of the bacon in there with them. Everything was really good! I ended up eating a pretty massive amount of green beans. I think I could have had more meat, but the green beans were so good, I just wanted to keep eating them. The bacon helped, for sure, but I’m really enjoying veggies a lot more since I started this. Used to be the wife and I would have steak for dinner. Not steak and potatoes or steak and mixed veggies. Just steak. Or just burgers. Veggies were rarely even considered. So far this week I’ve eaten more veggies than I had in the previous month, I’d bet. Crazy stuff. Really pokes a lot of holes in the “You just want a diet that tells you that you can eat nothing but bacon and lose weight.” I would like that diet, but that’s not the one I’m eating. This one sees meat as an important part, but a relatively small part of most of my meals. It’s usually overshadowed by great masses of veggies.

I have enough burgers to make lunches for a few days, so that’s the plan for now. Not sure what dinner’s going to be tomorrow, but I’ll figure something out. Thanks for reading!


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