Morning – Day 3

This three posts a day thing is actually pretty cool. I’ll keep it up as much as I can.

This morning I hit the restroom and then the scale. I was down to 241.4 pounds. That’s down a full 4 pounds from Monday. Two pounds per day on average? I can live with that. My goal is to be under 240 pounds before next Monday. I’m on track to shatter that number, but I’m trying to be realistic. If I can lose 5 pounds a week, that will put me well within my goal of 225 by the end of my 30-day trial. I’m really excited about it, for sure.

So here’s how things are going so far, overall. I’m eating as much as I want of the approved foods. I’m eating zero or negligible amounts of non-approved foods. The only things that may sneak in are nasties (soy, sugar, wheat, etc) that are buried 5 or 6 ingredients deep in a list. I’m being very good, but I’m not going to flip my lid if I accidentally eat a miniscule amount of something not on the list. I don’t anticipate that I’ll lose my mind and plow through a bag of Oreos or anything. My willpower is such that I can do “none of that” very easily. If I’m going to have some cake and I need to eat only a small amount of cake to make sure I don’t go over my calories for the day, that gets complicated. Binary diet is easy. Foods are either on or off. If it’s on, eat as much of it as you want. If it’s off, don’t eat it. That’s about as simple as you can get. And since there’s so much on the list (all meats, all veggies, all fruits, all nuts, all good fats) it’s not even hard to deal with the things you can’t have (no grains, no processed junk, no refined sugar). I still have a box of pink cookies from King Soopers on my counter, as well as several large bags of candy in my pantry. It’s not even hard not to eat them.

I don’t know if I can explain it, but I do cold turkey very easily. When I make a decision to stop doing something, it’s not even an option anymore. I don’t drink alcohol, so when I don’t have a beer at a restaurant it’s not like I’m choosing not to have a beer. That choice has long since been made. Beer isn’t an option for me. It technically is, but it’s as much an option as asking for a glass of dish soap would be. So now I’m seeing these “no” foods as the same thing. yes, there are pink cookies, but I don’t have the choice to eat them. Does that make any sense? Anyway, it’s sort of a peek inside my head, if that sort of thing interests you. I think it’s what makes this diet so easy for me.

So there we have it. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, this morning. I had two Snow Creek beef hot dogs and some almonds. Honestly, I could’ve done with one hot dog and been fine. That’s crazy, by the way. Normally two hot dogs with buns is the minimum.

So now I’m developing a new theory. I think that the carbs in the bread jack my insulin levels up when I eat them. Higher insulin levels make me think I’m hungry, so I end up eating more of everything, including fats and protein. Keeping my insulin levels lower means I need less food to feel full, which means that if I do my part and don’t stuff myself, I’ll be eating fewer calories even while eating calorically dense foods. Crazy, but it makes good sense. I’m thinking about a combo meal at McDonald’s and wondering how the burger, fries and soda work together to ensure that you eat all of it. You drink some soda, pushing insulin into your system, so you get more hungry. Then you have some fries, which are salty and make you more thirsty. More soda, more insulin. Now you start in on the burger. The fat and protein are trying to send satiety signals, but they’re simply overwhelmed by the massive insulin dump you’re getting from all those carbs. So you’re still hungry and you keep on eating until it’s all gone. If you’d just had the burger patty and a salad with some water or unsweetened tea, you’d probably feel just as full with about a third of the calories. Ta-da. It’s like magic, only it’s science and the people who are pushing sugary, grain-laden, processed foods into your face day and night know exactly how you work. They are taking advantage of the fact that they know it better than you do. Can you go into a fast food joint and eat a relatively healthy meal? Undoubtedly. But you need to know what healthy is, and you need to have the discipline to avoid falling into the traps. That’s the real kicker. Carbs taste good. They make you feel good. You feel energetic, and your brain releases dopamine telling you what a good job you did by eating carbs. Then you clean your entire house and scratch the roaches out from under your skin. Oh wait, that’s meth. Maybe there’s a lesson there. Just because it makes you feel good doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Enough ranting on my part. Stay tuned for more of me rambling on and on about nonsense. Hooray!


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