Evening – Day 2

Still didn’t have a chance to grill my burgers, unfortunately. Stupid social life. Actually, I had a good time hanging with some friends, so I’m not too upset. We went to their house, and our chef friend made up a tasty paleo meal for us. She’s writing a book on how to feed all your friends who have wacky dietary restrictions, and I just recently put myself on that list. What a jerk I am.

Anyway, dinner was really tasty. We had some steak, and broiled broccoli and cauliflower. She also made some spaghetti squash as a bit of a pseudo-pasta. It was all good, especially the cauliflower. I’m going to have to eat a lot more of that stuff. I know you can mash it up and make a pseudo-potato creation, so I might give that a go. I also just liked it from under the broiler, so I’ll probably get a mess of it and do that or saute it in some grassfed butter. So delicious.

I also hit up Sprouts to pick up some more food. I got some Niman Ranch bacon, some dairy from pasture-raised cows, and some coconut oil. I also found some salad dressing that doesn’t have any vegetable oil in it. Even the ones that say olive oil on them (olives are technically a fruit, and their oil is good on paleo) generally have some kind of canola or safflower oil as the primary ingredient. I’m guessing because it’s cheaper. So anyway, I found a brand that’s just olive oil, vinegar and organic seasonings. Smells pretty tasty, too. The brand is Bragg, and I’ve got high hopes for it. I’m going to need to eat a lot of salads and I’ll need a viable dressing.

That’s about it for the evening. Not a bad day 2.


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