Morning – Day 2

Woke up this morning feeling well-rested even after a rough night last night. Our dog was home all day and all evening while we were out running errands with only a few short breaks where mommy and daddy came home to let her out and play with her. She was not at all tired, so she kept bouncing around and barking and all the things puppies do when they don’t want to sleep. So anyway, not great sleep, but still felt good to roll.

I decided to weigh myself, sort of on a whim. Scale said 242.8 lbs. That’s down 2.6 from 245.4 yesterday. I drank a ton of water and peed a ton, so I don’t have any idea where my hydration ended up, and I was wearing pajama pants yesterday when I weighed in. So I’m not under any illusions that I lost 2.5 pounds of pure fat in a day. But I’m betting I lost some. I’m going to try to remember to weigh in every day just to see what happens with my weight. Originally, I wasn’t expecting any dramatic differences, so I was thinking once or twice a week would do it. I’ll just keep up with it as a way to motivate myself, because i can tell you for sure that seeing that number on the scale got me down the stairs and into the kitchen to make myself a lovely paleo breakfast. It consisted of some nuts and two eggs. Lunch will be some more pork (didn’t get home in time to grill burgers) and some spinach or peas, whichever I feel like.

Thanks for reading!


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