Midday – Day 1

Wasn’t sure what I was going to do for veggies for lunch, but it turns out I had a can of green beans left over from a failed lunch last week. So I had those and some pork loin I cooked for enchiladas last week. It’s tasty, but a little dry. Probably too lean for slow cooking, and certainly too lean to be slow-cooked and then eaten solo. It’s not bad, it’s just not super delicious. I’ll be improving upon it in short order, I’m sure. Pouring some chicken broth into the container before reheating was a good idea. It helped to moisten it up at least a little bit.

I think the key to this diet will be planning meals in advance, so I’m going to get on that. It’s actually pretty easy. Pick a meat, pick a vegetable. Cook them. Eat them. Snacks are nuts and berries. Can’t complain about that, eh? I’m just going to have to start figuring out my meats and veggies at least a little bit in advance so I can thaw them out as necessary.

Tonight, I’m thinking I’m going to make up and grill some burgers. They’re pretty easy to take to work in a tupper, and they’re very tasty when I do them up right. I’ve got two pounds of grassfed Snow Creek beef thawed in the fridge, so that will make half a dozen burgers pretty easily. That sounds like lunches and dinners for a few days at least. Woot!


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